Online Submissions at the Service Bureau

In an effort to save you the hassle of seeing us twice, the Service Bureau is accepts online submissions. Please be sure to check file setup and layout recommendations on our Services pages.

Fill out the appropriate Online Order Form

Open the Order Form in Adobe Acrobat or Preview and rename the file when you save it. Our forms will not work in internet browsers, you must download the form first and then fill it out.

2. Check your file size

Is it under 8MB? Email it. Over 8MB? Upload it to Google Drive and share it with the Service Bureau ( Be sure to enable the edit permissions. Or send it to our FTP server! Click here for FTP connection information.

3. Email
Fill out and attach the appropriate order form and print file (if its under 8MB) and put a brief description of the job in the body of the email.
4. Call the Bureau (312) 629-9155
Call us even after you have received our confirmation email. This is just to be sure we have all the details and to clear up any confusion regarding your order.

Connecting to our FTP server

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a great way to send large files fast. Any files larger than 8MB should be sent to the Service Bureau via FTP.

Know what you're doing? Below is all the information you'll need to get to and navigate our FTP server. Never connected to an FTP server before? Click here.

Username Your SAIC username (same as you would use for the Portal)
Connect using FTP with TTS/SSL
Enable Encryption Yes
Password Your SAIC password (same as you would use for the Portal)
Port 50021


  • When you log in to our FTP server, you should see an upload and a download folder. Put your files in the upload folder.

  • Our FTP server cannot accept folders. Do not try to send folders or make folders.

  • Once you upload a file you will no longer have access to it.

  • Don't forget to email us with the correct order form. If you don't email us your order will not be printed.

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How to connect and upload to our FTP server using Fetch

Fetch is included on the SAIC computer template. If you have a different FTP client, the connection information is the same, but it may be configured differently. Visit any one of the CRIT help desks located around campus for help.

Open Fetch

Fill in the appropriate blanks. Your log in screen* should look like the example above. Your username and password are the same ones you use to log into the SAIC Portal or email.

Click Connect.

*If you don't see this log in window, go to File > New Connection.

If you don't see the option to enter a Port number, click the arrow on the bottom left hand corner of the window. Port Arrow

Once you're connected, you should see an upload and a download folder.

Your files go in the upload folder.

The download folder is for us to give you files (like a template or instructions) if necessary.

Open the upload folder and click Put. Put Icon

Find your file and click Put.

IMPORTANT: Only select actual files. DO NOT try to upload whole folders; it won't work.

Do not disconnect until you see the message "Transfer of YourFileName.tif complete."

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded a file using an FTP client!

Barring any error messages, your file is now on our FTP server. However if you go back into your upload folder you will not see your file. Trust us, its there.

Don't forget to email us with the Online Order Form and information about the job!

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